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Get me iPhone, even if its actually a brick…

Saw funny animation of a cartoon Evo4g salesman trying to sell to an iPhone slave…Enjoy!!!

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I just want a phone that calls….

TechVoom Series(#1)

In lieu of the recent iPhone4/iOS4 debut which was yesterday, people or should I say Job’s slaves have begun queueing at Apples store to get hold of Apple’s latest JesusPhone. I’m guessing alot of people in my country are also eagerly waiting for this to reach our sunny island shores. I say why don’t you just camp out at those Apple retail stores now!!…

Hold on your horses.. people.. There’s more to meets the eye than a near perfect phone. Techcrunch has reported that a few customers have reported some issues with their set, namely yellow banding, Not-so-Gorrilla strong glass casing which will crack and is scratchable and the reception issue.. erm wait isin’t the attennae embedded at the side for better reception…NOT!! Well according to some users(esp. Left-handers) they are reporting loss of connection.Head over to techcrunch for more in-depth analysis of the problems. Click here

Well, well… If am parting my wallet for $1000+ phone, it should better let me call…This is just my opinion, I think we should wait for the next or even a few more batches of the phone release so that Mr Steve Kerja(Jobs) can deal with this hiccups…


Well in Android world… Motorola just launched their new Droid series phone to Verizon in the good ol’ U S of A.. Haiz, it always them first… Anyways here’s a look at it.. I wonder which Telco will get an exclusive deal to release this phone here, I’m guessing Starhub. The specs and the phone is really salivating me… If Evo4G reach here then I’m going to double-salivate…Further review by droiddog.Click here

Here is a brief specs:

  • 1Ghz chip + 8gb internal memory+16gb memory card(wow so generous)
  • 4.3″ screen ( wah it like my PSP screen size)
  • HD output + DLNA ( THis is really sweet, can connect to DLNA devices w/o wires)
  • comes with Android 2.1

And so ends my blogpost of Techvoom series…

A tribute to the ongoing 2010 Fifa World Cup

3rd Day of Post: As a tribute to current 2010 world cup, enjoy this youtube clip of the Portugese Team serenading themselves to a Samba-Joga Bonito music..

Introduction to PhotoVoom Series

Well, 2nd blog post, 2nd day of Blog opening….
PhotoVoom is a catalogue of pictures taken by me which are natural,  unedited and raw images taken on the heat of the moment. The pictures are what you see and what you get.

Hanging Skeleton of Toba

These are small figurines/keychains commonly sold on the Lake Toba streets. The story behind these figurines are that the tribesman of the Toban people will usually take skeleton of dead comrades and shrink them by boiling and drying and hang them on their hips as protection and strength.


A local tropical fruit usually grown high on top the mountain side. These Pepinos or Peps as they called them, were popular with locals for its cholestrol lowering properties. The striking purple colour on the fruit really made the picture stand out.

Dawn Clouds by the Mountain tops

This was taken during dawn when the sun was just disappearing behind the hilltops causing a silhoute and blueish hue to the skyline.

The Beginning of Time

Official QuackDamU PhotoBlog



Since this is my first entry, I shall not say much but just watchout this space for more entries. The purpose of this site is to showcase my pictures and basically talk crap and shit about anything in this world has to offer and I hold no strings attached. On the side note, I will talk more on Football(or Soccer as you yankies call it), Technology and Gadgets, Aviation Stuff, Games( Yeah I’m a gamer go Figure) and also Sports in General…

You may find such ramblings and bullsh*tting absolutely nonsensical, thus an advisory visual warning is published below…