I just want a phone that calls….

TechVoom Series(#1)

In lieu of the recent iPhone4/iOS4 debut which was yesterday, people or should I say Job’s slaves have begun queueing at Apples store to get hold of Apple’s latest JesusPhone. I’m guessing alot of people in my country are also eagerly waiting for this to reach our sunny island shores. I say why don’t you just camp out at those Apple retail stores now!!…

Hold on your horses.. people.. There’s more to meets the eye than a near perfect phone. Techcrunch has reported that a few customers have reported some issues with their set, namely yellow banding, Not-so-Gorrilla strong glass casing which will crack and is scratchable and the reception issue.. erm wait isin’t the attennae embedded at the side for better reception…NOT!! Well according to some users(esp. Left-handers) they are reporting loss of connection.Head over to techcrunch for more in-depth analysis of the problems. Click here

Well, well… If am parting my wallet for $1000+ phone, it should better let me call…This is just my opinion, I think we should wait for the next or even a few more batches of the phone release so that Mr Steve Kerja(Jobs) can deal with this hiccups…


Well in Android world… Motorola just launched their new Droid series phone to Verizon in the good ol’ U S of A.. Haiz, it always them first… Anyways here’s a look at it.. I wonder which Telco will get an exclusive deal to release this phone here, I’m guessing Starhub. The specs and the phone is really salivating me… If Evo4G reach here then I’m going to double-salivate…Further review by droiddog.Click here

Here is a brief specs:

  • 1Ghz chip + 8gb internal memory+16gb memory card(wow so generous)
  • 4.3″ screen ( wah it like my PSP screen size)
  • HD output + DLNA ( THis is really sweet, can connect to DLNA devices w/o wires)
  • comes with Android 2.1

And so ends my blogpost of Techvoom series…


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