Down to four…

End of the week and end of the crucial quarters of Fifa World Cup 2010.
There were shock results everywhere, Brazil were out, England are out, Argentina are out. Well, sadly, most of the fancied and hyped team are out and I’m beginning to see there’s a pattern to those team that lost. Basically, if you observe most of the team that got knocked out early were in the NikeFootball commercial aired during this worldcup. Sad to say, this commercial video is a curse, just like the “Madden Curse”. So, England, next time try to make it a hush-hush affair, no commercials, no public viewing, Strictly World Cup and maybe you might win it…
Here’s the cursed video..

On the Techvoom side, I finally received the famed FRF91 update, well just wanted to experience an OTA and nothing special really, could have just do a manual update..>> Froyo Goodness..

Oh and great news, Termi Exhaust System are now street legal here, Woo Hoo.. just the sound of it makes you shudder with excitement… But there is a drawback, it will costs a whooping small scooter to get one..


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