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The mythical Playstation Phone/ PSP Android mash-up

The Prototype Playstation Phone or PSPhone codename "Zeus"

Gamers and Playstation fanatics Rejoice!!! because the long awaited PSPhone or SonyEricsson / Android Phone has finally appear.

According to reports from Endgadget, the phone is set to be unveiled either by CES 2011 sometime around mid Jan/Feb where Sony or Sony Ericsson expects to unveil its latest iteration of Sony branded phones. Its interesting to note whether this phone will be added to Xperia brand of lines or whether a new series of phone will be introduced. Awkwardly, will it be under Sony Playstation category or Sony Ericsson?  I guess we have to wait till next year to find out.

Based on the video(scroll down), it seems that it will be running Android operating system(Gingerbread) and will spot a 5MP camera with flash and a hard-key buttons with a touch-sensitive touchpad in the middle. Obviously, this phone is targetted for the serious/enthusiast gamers demographics. Judging by the size and bulkiness, I’m guess it has a larger capacity battery inside, hopefully a good touchscreen 4″/3.7″ display and usual array of phone specifications(bluetooth,WiFi,GPS,etc). Based on preliminary reports, the phone is rumored to be based on the 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, 512mb ram and 1Gb rom. Personally, I was disappointed that Sony didn’t use the latest dual-core chips or Nvidia Tegra2 chips/Gpu as graphics acceleration and performance are way better with these latest chips. But who knows, Sony may change this and replace it with the latest chips. Let’s hope and pray hard.

As a avid gamer myself, I am really excited with this phone as much as I like touchscreen displays, hard-key buttons are still better in haptic feedback and response.  I will also be intrigued to know how the games will be distributed, could it be through Android Market or maybe Sony own’s dedicated app store. Interesting to note, this may well be the end of UMD drives for PSP or any storage media stored for games as most games nowadays are downloaded directly via Market/App stores.

But I also do have some reserves for this phone.  Sony Ericsson track record of updating OS is well documented as very or should I say slow as a tortise. It took them months for them to release the update for 2.1(Eclair) for SE Xperia X10. Hopefully, they learnt this process and any future updates will be quick as possible. In fact, just load the Vanilla Android OS w/o any skins overlays. There is hope in this because looking at the video, it seems “Zeus” is running stock gingerbread.

Based on all these rumors and speculations, it looks like another exciting year for Android phones in general for 2011. Go Green Robot! Droid!