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Raw Point

Raw Point by Scholesville
Raw Point, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This was recovered from a single underexposed RAW file. Managed to save some details in the rocks and reveal some colours in it. Did alot of noise control and was lucky this shot came out.

0.5s . f/11.0 . ISO 100 . 12 mm


2012 The year Android Begins and the world ends…

As I write this piece of article, I cannot but ponder as to what direction the mobile tech space will venture into this year. Certainly, as many tech blogs and sites as suggested, 2012 will either mean the end of time “Armageddon” as depicted in the Mayans revealations or it could mean the end or decline of Blackberry. As much sadness as to the declining demise of Blackberry, I am more saddened by the fact that Kodak, the once mighty photography innovator and manufacturer of cameras, films and equipments had recently filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. As with any great company throughout the years, they tend to go up in cycles and will envitably fall if proper directions and some new innovation are not emphasized. This is why companies such as Google and Bell Labs for example are taking great measures to ensure a constant stream of new innovative products or systems such as ‘GoogleX labs’ and ‘Bell Labs’.

2012, might be the year where Android as an OS becomes an integrative device that firmly perches on the apex of the mobile market share. As quoted by Eric Schmidt at the end of 2011, he expects by June, most of developers will prefer to start developing apps for Android and be the number 1 OS of choice. I see some truth in the statemet he made, as I expect Android will be more prevalent in devices such as TV ‘Google TV’ and tablets which is also being touted to make great increase market share against the successful ipad 1 & 2. This could be the underlying factor as to why Eric Schmidt was able to bravely announce such claims. But this is yet remain to be seen as we need to wait at least till June, to see if this remains the truth.

Another great stride which I see Android being finally a market leader, is the integration or solid implementation of Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandswich’ being upgraded and installed on devices. This would likely mean a better unified or seamless and better user experience for users who has been confused with the different skins and themes layout by phone manufacturers. I for one is excited as minor details such as the constant fonts used ‘Roboto’ and accent such as the blue highlights when you scroll and reach at the end, means a more consistent UI approach by the Android designers. It also makes Android a more futuristic and ‘Tron-like’ OS.

With all these, strides Android is making in its OS, 2012 could be a step in which Android finally once for all clinch the top spot not just in terms of market share but also in the minds of users a better performing OS. Personally, as an Android user I am delighted to see the growth and dominance of Android and I have forsee this when I first bought my Android phone the HTC G1/Dream.  I am however not shutting out iOS or iPhone out of future purchase, it just that some aspect of the iPhone still hasn’t incling me to get one. Feature such as small 3.5″ display and a less customable OS has been a put off for a geek like me. However, if rumors are true that 4″ iPhone5 phone might be making an appearance in June then I might seriously consider jump ship and test out the phone.

Can Android ride off another interesting year of Apple legendary iPhone launches and waves of sales, we just have to wait out.


ye'plank by Scholesville
ye’plank, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Muted.Alone.Getting Sad.

1/5s . f/16.0 . ISO 100 . 10 mm

3 Charms

3 Charms by Scholesville
3 Charms, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Mystical stones that bamboozled the sky

0.4s . f/11.0 . ISO 100 . 10 mm


Line.Ends by Scholesville
Line.Ends, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
No where to turn to when things at the end ends…

Festive C.Town…

Festive C.Town... by Scholesville
Festive C.Town…, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

Orange Season is here…

Orange Season is here... by Scholesville
Orange Season is here…, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.