A Welcome New Year 2012

I would like to welcome readers to a brand new year 2012…

2011 has been a great and at certain times gloomy. I know I have not been diligent in updating and giving more contents in this site but I hope 2012 will change that. Recently, an explosion of new and updated social media apps and platforms started appearing. Some were useful and complement the use of the 2 big social players, Facebook and Twitter, whilst some were questionable.

The most shocking or anticipated new social media platform that was introduced in 2011 was Google+. This was Google answer to Facebook (though Google did get some success with Orkut in Brazil)  which was the company attempt at numerous jab at social media. With an increasing, user base and active photography community behind the surge in usage, I can safely assume that Google+ will be there in the long run unlike their previous Buzz and Wave products.

Another interesting social platform I am seeing prominently is the revamped and updated Path 2.0. Path was Co-founded by Shaun Fanning(Napster, Spotify) and recently his run or streak entrepreneur startup has seen alotbof success. Path is essentially similar to Facebook timeline feature which ease the user to share his daily activities to selected users/friends. Imagine Facebook/Twitter but with privacy control.

As we move on in this age of fast moving technology, I expect to see more and new CPUs being introduced, notably Intel’s Ivy Bridge chips and hopefully AMD llano chips as well.
In the mobile arena, I expect more quad core chip phones being introduced with the rumored SGSIII in the fore front. And will we see a new 4″ quad core 4G/LTE capable iPhone 5, I guess we will need to wait for June.
In the photography world, Nikon will finally unveil their flagship D4 and also rumored 36MP D800 full frame(FX) DSLR in time for the London Olympics. It will be interesting to see how Nikon’s flagship camera fairs with Canon 1Dx. But be sure to know I’m always rooting for Nikon 😉

As you can see 2012 will be another great year for tech in general and who knows we humans will all be able to see out the year and nor let the 2012 “end of the world” predictions end our dreams to advance the human race to greater heights


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