Spectacle by Scholesville
Spectacle, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
A great sunset in 2012, more of such please…

Ah, has been quite a long time since I blog here. Partly due to my laziness but also have been busy these past few weeks, with alot of stuff…

Finally, added a massive 2TB worth storage to my desktop. I can comfortably upload and process my photos now with a peace of mind.

Ok, now on to this photo. This was taken yesterday,15th of March or as the Romans would say the Ides of March(yes, I took Literature when I was in high school). I actually came very late to the spot, Upper Seletar Reservoir which has become my favourite sunset spot due to its close proximity to my home. As I had shot this place a few times before, I decided to focus this time around on shooting the partially submerged staircase/walkway.

The picture you see above was truly a spectacle, easily one of the best sunset I’ve seen so far in 2012 and it was actually quite quick, I reckon it was over within a span of 2minutes. With a scene like this right before your eyes, I just had to take a few bracketed shots in case I didn’t get the right exposure and I also did not had much time to prepare my GND filters. The final shot is actually a composite of 2 exposure, one for the sky and the other was the long exposure to smoothen the water. The shots then went through several exposure, levels and curves adjustments in PS with a final touch up in LR.

Hope, you enjoy this short write-up, due stay tune for more and also great skies such these in the near future.


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