A Real Google Store

Rumours farms have recently been abuzz with reports stating that Google the company behind Android Operating System are poised to start selling A Nexus-Branded tablet to the masses through their own online site. As reminiscence of the launch of the “not-so-successful” Google Nexus One phone back in 2010,  this comeback strategy by Google seems to me they are trying to introduce a low cost great experience tablet for consumers as what the Nexus One did to the phone market.

Mind you, before Nexus One was introduce, the specs and experience of smartphones running Android were dismal and bad at best. What the Nexus One did was hasten or propagate the seemingly a better experience Android phone would be if pegged with a phone with sufficiently better hardware which at that time was a 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU and Amoled displays. Soon after the introduction, the Android running smartphone market was swarmed with similar specs phones and the proliferation and use of Android phones really started off. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy (1st generation/ Galaxy 1) was introduced in the summer of that year. So, essentially what Google did was one of 1st Torch Relay runner, whom then passes the torch to other manufacturers to finish the race.

I must admit though, I am quite surprised to see that Google will instead sell this rumoured Nexus tablet under their own online store instead of collabrating with existing manufacturers like what they did with the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus and even Motorola Xoom tablet(not theorectically a Nexus tablet). Seeing the fact that they themselves admitted that their selling proposition of Nexus One through a non-physical store was a dud as they claimed that consumers at that point of time were not ready for a online store. So seeing them embarking on this method again seems abit juxtaposition to what they did. Nonetheless, the rumoured tablet is set to be strategically priced meaning it is set to be sold sub $200 price or even lesser. This is obviously to target the success of Amazon Kindle Fire tablet which ironically is running a brewed version of Android which has been devoid of Google’s framework and Play Store features but replaced with Amazon store. The tablet is also rumored to be in the 7″ size with propably a watered-down specs to justify the lower price just like the Amazon Fire.

All these directions and moves Google is making in selling a Nexus branded device makes me wonder? Will there be a physical Google Store in the future?
For your information, Google does have physical store selling Google memorabilias and T-shirts located at their Mountainplex California though the store is only accessible via invites and to Google employees only. But the interesting part is all these direct selling method by Google makes think that propably in the not so distant future, they might be a Google store in the pipeline and Google may even start selling their own device with their own hardware makers. They already are making non-human self driving car systems and other interesting gizmos so it won’t be a surprised they will collate all these ideas into one store in the future.

But the question is, will you visit one?


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