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Ripples by Scholesville
Ripples, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

Greeting Folks…

Finally, done with the 2 weeks of busy hell. Was itching to go out and shoot during that period but had to maintain discipline and only did minor post-proc…

Well, today took the opportunity to do some serious and wet landscape. Was really inspired by J.Cripps and his Californian seaside scapes hence wanted to do something similar. I guess in this island of mine, this is the best…LOL

Technicals on this shot, this is from a 2 exposure shot and dynamic manual blended. Trying to improve my manual post proc and decided to do a manual proc from now on for those epic shots. I must admit it’s kinda nice to see all the hardwork in your images turning better than just adjusting all the tones globally or doing HDR software. 1/200 sec at f11, iso 100 at 10mm…

More to come folks…


Time Out!

Will be on short hiatus. Will be back on 28th for more posts.


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Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Tegallalang Rice Terraces by Scholesville
Tegallalang Rice Terraces, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

A 7-shot stitch pano at the Tegalalang Rice Terraces at Bali.

Went for a short trip to Bali over the Good Friday weekend. I must say I was wrong about the place with the misconceptions and pessismistic environments I had with the place. Bali is indeed a great place.

I realise why Aussie’s and other nationalities love the place. 3 Things, The Beach, The Surf & The Tourist Friendly places. Yes, the island is essentially one big island dedicated to tourists. I’m surprise by the friendliness of the people, the non-existence pickpockets(mind you this is an Indonesian regent) and the overall resort feeling everywhere you go, simply said, the place is a paradise.

Bali, has plenty of old hindu temples, a freakin long Kuta Beach, great surf and plenty of rock and sea scapes for you landscape photographers out there. Too bad, I didn’t have the chance to explore more of the place.

The picture above is a majestic rice padi field in Tegalalang. It was simple a breath taking view, just had to take this panorama to prove its grandness. This was 7(3exp Bracketed) stitch panorama using PTgui. Other than that its basically a simple contrast, clarity and sharpness tweak to bring out more details in the stitched HDR pano. The right side of the pano is abit weird, and thats because I exposed wrongly so that the best it will do.

A Golden Moment

A Golden Moment by Scholesville
A Golden Moment, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

6s . f/11.0 . ISO 100 . 15 mm

Via Flickr:
A golden hour moment on 5th April. Decided to hang around Mount Faber Park after the sun dips down over the horizon and I was blessed to see some magnificent light showers in the distance. A tinge of magenta, cyan and pink colors began erupting in the sky behind the building on the right.

I was actually receeing this place for potential sunset spot for an image I had in my mind for the CIAG photo competition. Was walking around Mount Faber, literally like a tourist with the hundreds of Chinese tourist from the mainland. I followed them to the highest spot on the lookout point where the $1 binos are and saw a pictureques view of the Keppel Bay(the opposite side actually offers a great view of the city, I reckon with a good vantage for sunrise). I knew I had to find a quiet spot devoid of moving and noisy tourist. So I climbed down some stairs and creep into a steep slope with a clearing. I gently and carefully place my tripod at a acute angle and just waited for the magic to happen.

Techncals on this shot. This was filtered image from a single RAW exposure. Used a 0.9 Reverse GND Hitech to bring down the tonalities in the sky and exposed for the foreground. Further post processed to correct the shadows and used a golden reflector presets for the leaves in the foreground.

Peg-go-das II

Peg-go-das II by Scholesville
Peg-go-das II, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

20s . f/11.0 . ISO 100 . 10 mm

Via Flickr:
A comeback reshoot of the same pagodas I shot 1 year ago.. Went with the usual crew to the Chinese Garden side to shoot this pagoda. These 2 pagodas are best shot for sunset as the setting sun dips behind the horizon of these 2. If you look at my flickr, I had a similar shot almost 1 year ago. Came back shot this this time at a slightly blue hour or twilight.

This shot was relatively straight out of camera. Just tweaked abit of the shadows and highlight areas to bring the harshness down and add some punch with clarity and contrast.

1 more day till Bali!!!

oh my emporer-goda

oh my emporer-goda by Scholesville
oh my emporer-goda, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

54s . f/22.0 . ISO 100 . 10 mm

Via Flickr:
Its rare to find such monuments in a fast changing island state.. let’s hope its stays in the long run…

Went for a mini outing with master draken413o at Chinese Garden park. This is Chinese and Japanese inspired semi-public park that has bridges and monuments that resembles Chinese and Japanese artefacts and architechture. Its a really nice and photogenic place to get pictures.

About the shot, this was from a single raw long exposure that was exposed for abt 54seconds. Did some lightroom adjustments to bring out the details and lift up the shadows and bring down the highlights in the skies.

Just a simple and clean shot. :]

Entanglement of a city

Entanglement of a city by Scholesville
Entanglement of a city, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

30s . f/11.0 . ISO 100 . 10 mm

Via Flickr:
Lines lead to a city in dusk…

Have been experiencing great light showers in the evening… seems to be occuring for the past 4 days… And as such, its a great time to be out there in the field snapping.

About this shot, this is from a single raw exposure. Used a 0.9 reverse GND to bring down the sky exposure and tonality. The rest of the picture is just a tweak of sharpness, contrast and saturation. Really great skies that day.