A Golden Moment

A Golden Moment by Scholesville
A Golden Moment, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

6s . f/11.0 . ISO 100 . 15 mm

Via Flickr:
A golden hour moment on 5th April. Decided to hang around Mount Faber Park after the sun dips down over the horizon and I was blessed to see some magnificent light showers in the distance. A tinge of magenta, cyan and pink colors began erupting in the sky behind the building on the right.

I was actually receeing this place for potential sunset spot for an image I had in my mind for the CIAG photo competition. Was walking around Mount Faber, literally like a tourist with the hundreds of Chinese tourist from the mainland. I followed them to the highest spot on the lookout point where the $1 binos are and saw a pictureques view of the Keppel Bay(the opposite side actually offers a great view of the city, I reckon with a good vantage for sunrise). I knew I had to find a quiet spot devoid of moving and noisy tourist. So I climbed down some stairs and creep into a steep slope with a clearing. I gently and carefully place my tripod at a acute angle and just waited for the magic to happen.

Techncals on this shot. This was filtered image from a single RAW exposure. Used a 0.9 Reverse GND Hitech to bring down the tonalities in the sky and exposed for the foreground. Further post processed to correct the shadows and used a golden reflector presets for the leaves in the foreground.


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