Ripples by Scholesville
Ripples, a photo by Scholesville on Flickr.

Greeting Folks…

Finally, done with the 2 weeks of busy hell. Was itching to go out and shoot during that period but had to maintain discipline and only did minor post-proc…

Well, today took the opportunity to do some serious and wet landscape. Was really inspired by J.Cripps and his Californian seaside scapes hence wanted to do something similar. I guess in this island of mine, this is the best…LOL

Technicals on this shot, this is from a 2 exposure shot and dynamic manual blended. Trying to improve my manual post proc and decided to do a manual proc from now on for those epic shots. I must admit it’s kinda nice to see all the hardwork in your images turning better than just adjusting all the tones globally or doing HDR software. 1/200 sec at f11, iso 100 at 10mm…

More to come folks…


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