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The One that I Won and got Featured

Hey Folks,

How’s it going? I hope everyone is doing well and having a good time shooting. The light in dawn and dusk down here for the past few days has been magnificent. Full of vibrant colors and dramatic skies. Been shooting a few keepers lately, but hadn’t had the time to process it, I promise will do it asap.

Great news, the picture above has been chosen the winner for Elia Locardi Photowalk contest held in April. I am surprised to found out I won the contest and thus got myself a free seat to workshop held in June, Dance of Light | HDR Workshop Singapore |.

Feel absolutely delighted with the win and top of that my picture got featured in his website (Scroll to the bottom), every recognition and feature I can get is a privilege. I’m still waiting for any of my shots to be featured in a magazine, blog, or sold to stock photos agency or magazine. I guess you just have to be patience and the good will come.

Hopefully this is a sign for more good things to happen for my photographic journey.  Happy Days ahead!!! 🙂


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