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My 2012 – Trips to exotic Indonesia

Hi Folks,

I am sitting down on my chair, staring the the computer monitor and writing this post on the very last day of the year. The purpose of this post is to reflect on  my journey throughout 2012 and as such a series of such posts will be up.

2012, has been a mixed year for me in particular. But certainly there were more ups than downs, even with the Mayan doomsday prediction on the horizon. In the photographic journey, I think I have leap and bound in terms of skills and editing.

I’ve also met many new Photo Kakis along the way, particularly after joining LHA, Landscape Hunters Asia in the Facebook group. I sincerely treasure and appreciate the ample of opportunities given by them for accessing the private and nice locations around town in Singapore. On top of that, I also had the pleasure of meeting and hosting, renown photographers like Elia Locardi of and Julien of Beboy Microstock Photography. Truly, blessed that Photography has brought me to a new level and met new friends throughout the world.

The year has also been a memorable one particularly as I’ve graduated and in the midst of a career path and so I began photography packing trip to Indonesia somewhere in July, after my convocation. This post is a showcase of the images I took whilst on that journey. I encourage anyone to try and visit this large chain of island archipelago Indonesia, the landscape is truly magnificent, the culture is alive and vibrant and the people are warm and cheerful.

Enjoy these sets of images, lookout for more of my 2012 in review posts.


Majestic Bromo

Bromo-Semeru National Park, East Java Blue Hour shot. A majestic and scenic active volcano caldera in East Java. Shot in the wee hours of the morning and in freezing cold. But the view was totally worth it. Single Raw exposure + Lee 0.6H GND +Cir Polariser + tweak in CEP + 64s . f/11.0 . ISO 100 . 10 mm + D7000

The Lot’s Rays

Tanah Lot, Bali A wonderful place for seascapes, wished I could spend a whole lot longer there..

Cave Exploring at Makassar

Prayer Flags at Kawah Ijen

Kawah ijen, East Java

Just like the Nepalese, prayer flags are also erected at these volcano, to give prayers and safe blessings to travelers and visitors.

The Mountain Sunrise at Mount Batur

Mt Batur, Bali

Hey folks, I’m back for a one day stop before leaving on another trekking adventure.. Just had to upload this one first before I leave… My virgin mountain sunrise, was extremely lucky, cos right after this image, the mist and clouds came rushing in blocking the nice view.. The volcano you see in this picture is not Mt Batur, but Mt Agung.

Rocky Road Ahead

Ijen, East Java

These Miners are the real weightlifters… cos those baskets weigh 100kg..

Fire Monkey, Kechak Performance

Kechak Dance, Bali

A performance called Kechak Dance performed in the scenic cliffs near Uluwatu, Bali. This time I was closed to the action and managed to capture this shot with a 50mm… Could feel the heat..


Mount Agung [International Mountain Day]

Via Flickr:
Mount Agung, Bali, ID

As today, 11 Dec is International Mountain Day, I decided to reedit this shot of Mount Agung with my newer workflow to commemorate this day. Not the first time I was up on a mountain but certainly the first time I used my own legs to reach the summit. An experience no money can buy. Happy International Mountain Day Folks.

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