January’s Post

Hey Folks,
First post of 2013!!!I feel guilty for neglecting this blog for so long. It was almost a month ago since I wrote a new post. I really have to get things sorted out and continue to doing some blog updates. Nonetheless, January has been a wonderful and as always a great month to the new year because its also the month in which I was born.

Well, this year Thaipusam or Ponggal came earlier than other years, and it felt on 27th January 2013. As always, me and bunch of my photo kakis (“enthusiast”), went on a night shoot at Little India’s, Sri Perumal Temple near Farrer Park Mrt Station. Last year, I shot the ending of procession at Clemenceau. This year, I began at the start. Ponggal is quite a unique and colorful affair. There were devotion, color, gore, trance, smoke, chanting and many more that one has to personally feel himself to actually get the ambience and atmosphere of Ponggal.

Below is a series of my shots taken at this year Ponggal, enjoy.
















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