The Best of 2013

Hi Folks,

Wow!!! Today, is the last day of 2013! and here I am finalllyyyy updating this post!
I am somewhat apologetic for neglecting to update this space. But there is a salient reason for this,
as beginning of July this year, I was pre-occupied with work. Yes, I am a tax-contributing law abiding citizen
who now holds the responsibility to support and grow the economy. Sucks no doubt, but this life needs money to live.

Looking back at 2013, I would say many interesting things has happened, be it the fun and best moments right up to the
forgetful and embarrassing moments.(More of those stories in a later post). In terms of Photography, I would say the first half
of the year was very exciting and eventful and the second half, has make me a more responsible person.

Compared to 2012, I was only actively shooting in the first half of 2013. Thus, this year, I wasn’t able to capture alot of the
epic photos, sunrise and sunsets that I used to.

So, I hope you enjoy my compilation of the best shots that I’ve taken in 2013.!!

For more the set, visit my flickr > <


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