About the Photographer

Based in Singapore, Azrin Az has been shooting passionately for the last 3 years, mainly Landscapes, Cityscapes, Streetscapes, Nature and Travels. As an avid nature lover and trekking junkie, he has spent a good part of his youth outdoors and lives and breathes nature which eventually gave him the training and foresight for angles and composition.

Azrin Az’s goals for the immediate future is getting more of his works featured and recognised.  Besides being involved in local competition, Azrin also religiously posts his works to online galleries such as Flickr, 500pxand his own Facebook page. For more visual online galleries, do check out the links above.

As a primary Landscape photographer, Azrin’s vision in his work is to bring the viewer into the scene, to let the viewer experience the magical light and aura of the scene as what the photographer felt. This is best interpret through his motto “Photography is not all about the awards, the competitions, the editors choice. Its about being in the moment, enjoying the moment, enjoying mother’s nature gifts and being able to soak in the magnificence of it all through your works.”

This is an excerpt of my life’s journey in full HD Tecnicolor Picture..

just me in cartoon form