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Killing thy own self

A list of products has killed over the years.. An illustration done by Larry Kim.
Seen in Gizmodo.


The One that I Won and got Featured

Hey Folks,

How’s it going? I hope everyone is doing well and having a good time shooting. The light in dawn and dusk down here for the past few days has been magnificent. Full of vibrant colors and dramatic skies. Been shooting a few keepers lately, but hadn’t had the time to process it, I promise will do it asap.

Great news, the picture above has been chosen the winner for Elia Locardi Photowalk contest held in April. I am surprised to found out I won the contest and thus got myself a free seat to workshop held in June, Dance of Light | HDR Workshop Singapore |.

Feel absolutely delighted with the win and top of that my picture got featured in his website (Scroll to the bottom), every recognition and feature I can get is a privilege. I’m still waiting for any of my shots to be featured in a magazine, blog, or sold to stock photos agency or magazine. I guess you just have to be patience and the good will come.

Hopefully this is a sign for more good things to happen for my photographic journey.  Happy Days ahead!!! 🙂

How to spot a Instagram Junkie

Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application


Illustration by

The Social Network of Copycats

Path right now as I see it, is crossbreed between Facebook and twitter.The interactive check-ins & uploads of Facebook feature combine with the timeline based updates of Twitter, makes Path as I see it a mangle of both social platform. It is nonetheless an interesting social platform itself in its own right which serves to select group of people. It is also in a way more private and restrictive in its sharing features which limits up to now about 150 users/friends. Thus, in a way it has elements of Google+ circles features as well.

Though, I’m still finding hard to switch away from Twitter as my de facto random and in the spur moments tweets/moments, social services like Path,Google+, Gowalla needs to find new niche instead of copying features from the established ones such as the two main juggernaut which Facebook and Twitter. A worthwhile mention of a new social platform is Instagram. This platform combines the love of taking photographs and social sharing into one and makes them accessible with anyone with an iPhone and Android(A version is reportedly launching soon). This is the type of social platform I meant are which are not original but with features which are socially interesting and easy to use.
Instagram, makes use of interesting filters which hipster(users of Instagram are known as) finds easy to use and thereafter share with friends. Facebook in this aspect failed to recognise, this simple application of filters features in their Facebook apps. Hence, Instagram was able to capitalise on this. Another social platform I would like to strongly give a mention as well is Lightbox for Android. This app has been my most used camera app on my Android phone simply because Instagram has been slow to release an Android version.

With that say, Social Apps and contents needs to diversify and find a meaningful way to socialise and connect with users. Even with this trend and explosion of social connectivity and apps everywhere, there is still loads more of social improvement and features which has yet to be untapped. For example, Social music has not been successful or exploded in the social arena. Apps such as Spotify,   Apple’s Ping and Google’s Music has tried to explore this but in my opinion all have failed.  For example, Google’s Music, free 30s introduction of music to a circle of friends on Google+, was an exciting feature that helped somewhat to propel music into social sharing. But somehow it has not picked up amongst users. This is simply because Google+ still has attracted a large user base into their platform. They need to work hard to gain popularity and users for such features to be novelty and gain mainstream usage.

Another arena which has potential untapped resource is the video sharing features. Youtube with its enormous based of videos and users can tap into this resource and gain more usage and popularity. The Youtube app on most phones, are basically video search and play app. It is missing a social feature for it to be really a Social chain explosion. Maybe as a suggestion, a real-time timeline updates just as in Twitter could bring more discovery to interesting videos being posted.

With that, I foresee the future of Internet profiles and users, gaining more social features in websites, weblogs, webshops and search(Google+ in Google search). Interesting days for social junkies but scary days for socially-shy users.

2012 The year Android Begins and the world ends…

As I write this piece of article, I cannot but ponder as to what direction the mobile tech space will venture into this year. Certainly, as many tech blogs and sites as suggested, 2012 will either mean the end of time “Armageddon” as depicted in the Mayans revealations or it could mean the end or decline of Blackberry. As much sadness as to the declining demise of Blackberry, I am more saddened by the fact that Kodak, the once mighty photography innovator and manufacturer of cameras, films and equipments had recently filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. As with any great company throughout the years, they tend to go up in cycles and will envitably fall if proper directions and some new innovation are not emphasized. This is why companies such as Google and Bell Labs for example are taking great measures to ensure a constant stream of new innovative products or systems such as ‘GoogleX labs’ and ‘Bell Labs’.

2012, might be the year where Android as an OS becomes an integrative device that firmly perches on the apex of the mobile market share. As quoted by Eric Schmidt at the end of 2011, he expects by June, most of developers will prefer to start developing apps for Android and be the number 1 OS of choice. I see some truth in the statemet he made, as I expect Android will be more prevalent in devices such as TV ‘Google TV’ and tablets which is also being touted to make great increase market share against the successful ipad 1 & 2. This could be the underlying factor as to why Eric Schmidt was able to bravely announce such claims. But this is yet remain to be seen as we need to wait at least till June, to see if this remains the truth.

Another great stride which I see Android being finally a market leader, is the integration or solid implementation of Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandswich’ being upgraded and installed on devices. This would likely mean a better unified or seamless and better user experience for users who has been confused with the different skins and themes layout by phone manufacturers. I for one is excited as minor details such as the constant fonts used ‘Roboto’ and accent such as the blue highlights when you scroll and reach at the end, means a more consistent UI approach by the Android designers. It also makes Android a more futuristic and ‘Tron-like’ OS.

With all these, strides Android is making in its OS, 2012 could be a step in which Android finally once for all clinch the top spot not just in terms of market share but also in the minds of users a better performing OS. Personally, as an Android user I am delighted to see the growth and dominance of Android and I have forsee this when I first bought my Android phone the HTC G1/Dream.  I am however not shutting out iOS or iPhone out of future purchase, it just that some aspect of the iPhone still hasn’t incling me to get one. Feature such as small 3.5″ display and a less customable OS has been a put off for a geek like me. However, if rumors are true that 4″ iPhone5 phone might be making an appearance in June then I might seriously consider jump ship and test out the phone.

Can Android ride off another interesting year of Apple legendary iPhone launches and waves of sales, we just have to wait out.

A Welcome New Year 2012

I would like to welcome readers to a brand new year 2012…

2011 has been a great and at certain times gloomy. I know I have not been diligent in updating and giving more contents in this site but I hope 2012 will change that. Recently, an explosion of new and updated social media apps and platforms started appearing. Some were useful and complement the use of the 2 big social players, Facebook and Twitter, whilst some were questionable.

The most shocking or anticipated new social media platform that was introduced in 2011 was Google+. This was Google answer to Facebook (though Google did get some success with Orkut in Brazil)  which was the company attempt at numerous jab at social media. With an increasing, user base and active photography community behind the surge in usage, I can safely assume that Google+ will be there in the long run unlike their previous Buzz and Wave products.

Another interesting social platform I am seeing prominently is the revamped and updated Path 2.0. Path was Co-founded by Shaun Fanning(Napster, Spotify) and recently his run or streak entrepreneur startup has seen alotbof success. Path is essentially similar to Facebook timeline feature which ease the user to share his daily activities to selected users/friends. Imagine Facebook/Twitter but with privacy control.

As we move on in this age of fast moving technology, I expect to see more and new CPUs being introduced, notably Intel’s Ivy Bridge chips and hopefully AMD llano chips as well.
In the mobile arena, I expect more quad core chip phones being introduced with the rumored SGSIII in the fore front. And will we see a new 4″ quad core 4G/LTE capable iPhone 5, I guess we will need to wait for June.
In the photography world, Nikon will finally unveil their flagship D4 and also rumored 36MP D800 full frame(FX) DSLR in time for the London Olympics. It will be interesting to see how Nikon’s flagship camera fairs with Canon 1Dx. But be sure to know I’m always rooting for Nikon 😉

As you can see 2012 will be another great year for tech in general and who knows we humans will all be able to see out the year and nor let the 2012 “end of the world” predictions end our dreams to advance the human race to greater heights

Why Google+ is better than Facebook

Source: Plusweekly