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It’s The Final Countdown…

It’s the final countdown… to the FIFA World Cup 2010(This time for South Africa),  2 more days to the finals… Woo Hoo.. SPAIN vs NETHERLAND.

Both are in the finals for the first time. So a new champion is going to emerge for these 2 so-called underperforming football giants. Well, not anymore. I’m rooting for Spain simply because they are more deserving. My predictions for the final match, I’ll tell more later. Viva La Espanyol!!!


TechVoom: Augmented Reality Game

Saw this ad/commercial by Mattel the makers of Transformers on a mobile game they are making. And guess what it runs Android, Woo Hoo. It looks like an awesome game involving 2 Knock ’em Sock’em type of game. Remember those 2 robot you place in a ring and you try to knock the heads of an opponent off. Yup, thats the one, but now its on mobiles. I’ll let you watch the vid below and enjoy the wonders of future tech and gaming revolution.

Cool, eh? Non?


In other news, I’m designing a new Fota Shirt Design. Stay Tune Fotans… Oh yah, I’ll be revamping my site these couple of weeks to make it Look Good!


A tribute to the ongoing 2010 Fifa World Cup

3rd Day of Post: As a tribute to current 2010 world cup, enjoy this youtube clip of the Portugese Team serenading themselves to a Samba-Joga Bonito music..