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Android is SKYNET…

We as human are at a very advance and interesting but precocious times. You see, we are hastily moving into digital revolution with advancement in mobile technology. Just a decade ago, no one could phantom the possibility of having a face-to-face chat with someone on the other side of the world, right in the palm of your hands. During those days, you propably had to dedicate a whole room of servers and computers just to run a dedicated network to speak and see the other person. But times have change and now with a simple click on your handphone, you can now not just hear but also see the other party.

Martin Cooper, the man who invented and pioneered the mobile phones or handphones is an Android adopter himself but also may due to the fact he once worked with Motorola.  He revolutionised the phone industry in the 1970’s, and a now 3 decades later, phones are now basically a mobile version of your computers. It’s truly amazing to see such wonderful advancement for the benefit of us.

But there is a silver lining in all of these technology bullet trains. You see it was the revolution of the smartphones that brought these fast-changing times.  For a decade in the 90s, computer technology seemed to be stagnant after Microsoft completely monopolise the PC world. This event would be mirrored if Apple had total dominance of the smartphone industry. Dominating an industry is indeed very profitable to a company but its a disease to technology. Luckily for us, the smartphone world had a competitor in Google’s Android and also RIM’s Blackberry.

Now, what makes this interesting is that with Apple choosing a closed-platform system path, Google on the other hand is going open-platform. This scenario ironically also mirrored the 1980s, Apple vs Microsoft OS wars. And looked who won. I’m not saying Apple will lose the war, but I’m theoretically deducing that having openness is the way to go. Just look at the phelora of devices with Android OS in it. Smartphones, Tablets, MIDI, MP3 Players, Netbooks, Car Navi Systems and even a fridge. The implementation of Android is limitless.

This also brings an important point in my discussion.A military defence contractor, Raytheon recently decided to implement Android as part of their defence management systems.So Is Android, SKYNET?? Yes, Skynet, the operating system or intelligent OS shown in Terminator Movies.

Now, I will let you ponder and decide for yourself…


Apps, Abs = Appsolutely…

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It’s The Final Countdown…

It’s the final countdown… to the FIFA World Cup 2010(This time for South Africa),  2 more days to the finals… Woo Hoo.. SPAIN vs NETHERLAND.

Both are in the finals for the first time. So a new champion is going to emerge for these 2 so-called underperforming football giants. Well, not anymore. I’m rooting for Spain simply because they are more deserving. My predictions for the final match, I’ll tell more later. Viva La Espanyol!!!


TechVoom: Augmented Reality Game

Saw this ad/commercial by Mattel the makers of Transformers on a mobile game they are making. And guess what it runs Android, Woo Hoo. It looks like an awesome game involving 2 Knock ’em Sock’em type of game. Remember those 2 robot you place in a ring and you try to knock the heads of an opponent off. Yup, thats the one, but now its on mobiles. I’ll let you watch the vid below and enjoy the wonders of future tech and gaming revolution.

Cool, eh? Non?


In other news, I’m designing a new Fota Shirt Design. Stay Tune Fotans… Oh yah, I’ll be revamping my site these couple of weeks to make it Look Good!