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Remember those CS hacking days…

CS or Counterstrike, a popular FPS games by Half-life creators. Yes. Team Fortress, Ricochet and Day of Defeat, all excellent mods by Half-life but it was Counter-Strike that brought Steam/Half-life to prominence and fame. Remember, those teenage years, slugging away on a PC for hours trying to get countless headshot or mastering the “Bunny hop”. Yup, I was a hardcore and semi-pro gamer back then but over the years, my gaming mojo has slowly waned. :(. Sad but true.

Nevertheless, I chance upon this nice vid showing the Aimbot(a cheat code/tool used by gamers to get instant headshot). Yes, the hacking in Counterstrike or the desperate measures taken by some gamers was scary until one needs to resort to bots to help you shoot down an opponent. Might as well let the bot play for ya. Really hated those hackers back then.

Well,  just a credit to the maker of the video for making excellent gun-slinging video effects, check out his youtube channel for more of such videos. Now, enjoy the action.

Yeah, just a side note, my CS nickname was> ALLAbamba 🙂