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The Big Four Theory…

Been busy this past few days, so much so that I forgot to keep with my plan of posting a new blogpost every 3 days. Really swarmed with studies and hobbies that I have little time left to post. Nevertheless, I shall you write a long one this time.

As the title of the post suggests, A 4-horse race is synonymous with any competition that has 4 teams or individuals who has dominated that sports or field for so long that other competitors might as well just surrender the ambitions to be a Champion. There are a few sports with this agenda that clearly seen. I shall name these few but before that let me explain to you why this so called 4-horse race is actually a balancing factor in keeping the competition more exciting and actually helps in promoting the sports. 1) One reason is that by letting the top 4 team get as stronger than the other competitors, this will help boost the top 4 teams revenue and prestige amongst the field. This in turns will help bring and attract more exciting players into the team and making the league more exciting. 2) Another reason by having this 4-top teams stay top, it actually will balance the remaining competitors in the league. Imagine having half of the league vying for the top spot and in the end the winner won the competition by a mere single point. That would bring injustice to the most consistent team who let’s say has never lost a game but has gotten a lot of draws.  So actually by having a top-4 team can be beneficial to a sport. Here some example:

  • English Premier League –  top 4 teams, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. These 4 have been at the top ever since the beginning of the century and it certainly helped these 4 to get the best players and help win trophies.
  • Formula One – Ferrari,  McLaren, Renault, Mercedez. Used to be just a top 2 horse race but recently with rise of Renault and rebranded Brawn GP(Mercedez now), the formula races has gotten more exciting. I can’t even say there is bottom-4 horse race going on as well with Lotus, Virgin, HRT and ToroRosso fighting it out.
  • Tennis – Federer, Nadal, Murray, Roddick. These 4 have lighten up and conquered the tennis circuit for quite sometime now. And the championship has changed hands between these 4 a few times. And it certainly hasn’t dampened the excitement at all.
  • TechWorld – Google, Microsoft, Apple, Palm(A subsidary of HP). Yes even in the corporate world, these 4 big companies have dominated the industry for years now. Even though they may dominate, but they still churn out new technologies and improvement in various fields of expertise they have. Its really interesting to see such improvements and competition between these four.