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Introduction to PhotoVoom Series

Well, 2nd blog post, 2nd day of Blog opening….
PhotoVoom is a catalogue of pictures taken by me which are natural,  unedited and raw images taken on the heat of the moment. The pictures are what you see and what you get.

Hanging Skeleton of Toba

These are small figurines/keychains commonly sold on the Lake Toba streets. The story behind these figurines are that the tribesman of the Toban people will usually take skeleton of dead comrades and shrink them by boiling and drying and hang them on their hips as protection and strength.


A local tropical fruit usually grown high on top the mountain side. These Pepinos or Peps as they called them, were popular with locals for its cholestrol lowering properties. The striking purple colour on the fruit really made the picture stand out.

Dawn Clouds by the Mountain tops

This was taken during dawn when the sun was just disappearing behind the hilltops causing a silhoute and blueish hue to the skyline.