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Twelve Days before Singapura Hari Jadi

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Its been almost a weeks since the last blog post. Finally, Special Sem ended and finally get to enjoy a short 3 week break before the new Sem begins. This 3week break is actually a god-send due to Singapore hosting the inaugral Youth Olympic Games. While writing this, the flames for the dungeons or ever-burning flame of Mount Hera(The Birthplace of Greek Gods & Ancient Olympics), are slowly being escorted to our shores. I reckon the flame is somewhere over the Western Sahara as it travels to Dakar, Senegal(Yes, the birthplace of Rapper, Akon!).

Hmm, as a Singaporean myself, I am not really so enthusiastic about the games even though television, radios and SG websites are flooded with songs, pictures, commercials on YOG. Just couldn’t be bothered I guess. I think i rather look forward to National Day 2010 which will be held in Padang. This field has a special place in my history cos exactly 10 years ago, I participated in the millenium year 2000 NDP parade. Really.No BS.

One thing I am really amazed about Singapore is the continual new NDP songs the produced each year. You know those songs that are forever etched onto the young minds of Singaporeans like, “We are Singapore” and “Stand up for Singapore” . Yes, they may sound cheesy but surprisingly are catchy and easy to memorise. Well, there also bad songs over the years which are just terrible. This year however they brought Corrinne May- Song for Singapore. Well, the song’s not bad but I don’t understand why singers nowadays have to sound americanised. Just sing Singlish lah, that way then we know it is really a Singapore Brand song. I let you judge the song for yourself, watch the vid below.