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The day after Fifa World Cup 2010… Viva Espana!!!!


As per my title, Spain is victorious and thus lifting a 55year old international drought. They deservedly won not just by virtue of their status of 2008 European Champions but also by being the best playing team in the tournament. They are truly the proponent of masters of the beautiful game.

Highlights of the match was dominated by 14 yellow cards and 1 red card given out by the botak English referee, Howard Webb. 11 of those belong to the dirtied and rough playoff Dutch. Simply said, the Dutch was a total rugby team, tackling players and kicking the Spanish players to the ground..So much for the Total Football of the fancied Dutch.

Just like I predicted, Spain won the match at extra time, with a  goal by Andres Iniesta.After a gruelling 0-0 full time, with most possession by Spain, the match saw several clear cut chances by both team. Arjen Robben had 2 one on one encounter with Iker  Casillas. One was saved by his outstretched feet and one covered by him with Carlos Puyol impeding Robben along the way. Whilst Spain had an open goal missed by David Villa and open header by Sergio Ramos, which is definitely one of the best right backs in the tournament.

Now, we have to wait the next Fifa World cup which will be in Brazil. Now I can’t wait to savour the samba team playing on their own homeground. Waka waka eh eh, this time for Africa.