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Why Az thinks Spain will win..

Before I start blabbing on my theory of Spain winning the world cup, let me first tell you my prediction for the Uruguay vs Germany match: 4-0 to the Krauts… just have that gut feeling, they will knick 4… no offence to Uruguay but the Krauts are way too strong…

Ok now my theory to as to why Spain will win:

1) They are the current Euro2010 champions
2) The total value of their players in the squad costs higher than annual GDP of Kiribati(an island nation in the pacific)
3) David Villa is on fire…Golden Boot for sure…
4) The Spanish league is just to superior in terms of national players quality
5) Because Paul the Sotong says so..

SO as you can see all my theories are pretty solid and justified of Spain superior strength while I still regard Netherlands as strong just not world champs yet… This will be a great final due to both team entering the first finals in their history.

OK NOW as for predictions, here it goes…

      SPAIN 2- 1 NETHERLANDS (1scored during extra time)